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Verse 1:
Darkness darkness all around me 
Demons demons always clowning
Bound me up, intentional grounding 
It's my fault though 
Traded my power for a second of pleasure,

but it never got better
Suicidal thoughts always in my head

Make a brotha wanna jump off the ledge
Can't get out the bed
Motivation to live is on low
And I’d rather stay up in the crib 
And eat, grow, a hero turned zero
Even bigger than been before
I'm drinking liquor from the liquor store
T’il can't feel nada 
Acapulco margaritas $2 dollars so let's toast 
The end of me, the depth of me, the inner G
The death of speaks

Verse 2:
Kill yo-self, kill yo-self 
I'm the real you when you by yo-self
When nobody's around
And no-body can help, uh 
Wanna keep your secrets
And dirty D-tales that detail your weakness
You little ol’ fool 
You little old tool, I'm you 
Knight ta meet ya
I'mma take you on a trip 
We gon’ talk about

I'mma get the girls lit
We gone walk it out
Don't worry, don't potty
Who likes ta party 
We like to party
Drink champagne 
Sip Bacardi, go to the club 
Don't go to the church 
Rub a dub with a skirt, get paid, go to work 

Don't go to the church

God hurts 

Verse 3: 
You right you right 
I'm wrong I'm wrong 
Gonna do things your way 
Been nice for too long 
Treated like a tiny little boy 
When I'm too strong
Gotta get my power back 
Disconnected like a power pack
And can't a single person salvage that
The wilding back, facts 
Can I get another round of that 
I want her too
Take her back to the coup 
And I do what I gotta do
Got an attitude 
That will break you 
If you come around my way with a short fuse that’s true
I'm a straight up monster
You can see my lighting, hear my thunder 
When the storm come you go under
I'm Knight and I have no honor

© 2018 Dylan Moore | Kiewit Productions